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Mommy makeovers: How Kate Gosselin can teach us all a lesson

Creating a new look for yourself is just what is needed to feel confident again as a single mom.
Creating a new look for yourself is just what is needed to feel confident again as a single mom.
People Magazine

By now you've probably seen the newest cover of People Magazine on which Kate Gosselin has had a complete makeover.  Her signature short and spiky hairstyle is now replaced with flowing blonde locks that took a whopping 20 hours to create.  Although her makeover is extreme, she can teach all of us single moms a lesson in taking care of ourselves.  Feeling better about yourself physically can lead to positive changes for you and your family.

I can vividly remember the first time I went out to a nice dinner with friends after my son's father and I had broken up.  I secured a sitter (it was my mother, but still) and took time to dress nicely, do my makeup and hair.  It was amazing that having the time to actually blow dry my hair and put on lipstick made me feel like a woman again.  I still view that time as when I changed from a helpless victim of a failed relationship to a strong, independant and confident single mom.

While most of us will never have the chance, or money, to get extensions like Kate did, we can vow to save time for ourselves.  Simply splurging on a pedicure, facial, or fabulous new hair cut might do the trick.  You'd be amazed at what that does to a woman's self-esteem.  That confidence will then transfer onto your children who will be able to tell a difference.

Like her or not, Kate seems to have turned a corner in the past few months.  Of her more than five People covers in the past year or so, this is her first to be semi-positive.  As single moms this is something we can relate to and should support.  Best of luck Kate, and to all of you who take the time for yourselves so you can be a better mom.