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Mommy Gamers website provides parenting resources about video games

Parents worry about how video games affect their children. They also want to make sure that their offspring play games that are appropriate for their age group. The entertainment safety rating’s board’s movie-like ratings help parents make their decision, but often only one parent makes such decision. When someone needs to go beyond this particular question, where does he or she turn? When she needs to get more information from reliable sources, she can visit

Visitors to do not wade through a politically correct nightmare. They get practical tips on where to buy games for their children, tips and tricks about various games that are popular with women, and tips on where to get the games for the lowest possible price. Users dispense more than just video game advice. They can chat with their fellow gamers about proper discipline. Threads sometimes cover how to get children away from their favorite console or PC game.

Video game developers may not yet realize that a demographic between the 18 to 25 year old testosterone driven male exists, but the trend is changing. Websites like only confirm something Nintendo already knows. The idea of the average video gamer no longer exists.

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