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Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen Vol. 7 returns to Hostos Community College on March 1st

The mother of all Hip Hop shows, ‘Momma’s Hip Hop Kitchen,’ makes its return to Hostos Community College on March 1st. Founders Lah Tere and Kathleen Adams are once again back at the helm for the seventh installment, and similar to previous shows, the pair will be eagerly gathering another pool of talented and gifted individuals at the Arts and Culture Center to showcase their artistic skills, some poetically and lyrically, while several others will rely on their nifty footwork to wow the crowd. This isn’t an ordinary Hip-Hop oriented show, you know, where you sometimes don’t move an inch or muscle. This one here involves some of the audience’s own participation (as prompted by Tere herself), so be prepared to shake your tail feather, or bust out the can of dance moves.

Luckily, if you’re currently on strict budget of some sorts, this show won’t hurt your pockets in any way, as it is completely free. Tickets are going rather quickly, so to grab them as soon as possible, you can pay a visit to this link to do so. And remember, it's all for a good cause, as the event is aimed to bring together folks in awareness of HIV/AIDS. To get a sense of what to expect when you enter this year’s festivities, there’s a clip of last year’s [full] show up above.

Further information can be found below (in regards to the time and ending) :

Momma's Hip Hop Kitchen VOL7
Hostos Center for the Arts & Culture
Saturday, March 1, 2014 from 2:00 PM to 5:00 PM (EST)
Bronx, NY

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