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'Moment of Truth: Stalking Back' based on a true story

"Stalking Back" a moment of truth movie
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"Stalking Back: A Moment of Truth" is a movie based on the true story of Laurisa Anello and Bruce Andrew Raines aka Bruce Raines."Stalking Back" aired for the first time on NBC as a Monday night movie on October 18, 1983. The fact-based movie is written by Priscilla English and directed by Corey Allen. Shanna Reed, Luanne Ponce and John Martin star in the film.

"Moment of Truth: Stalking Back" synopsis/plot

After a 14-year-old teen is stalked by an umpire and local softball coach, her parents fight hard to develop an anti-stalking law that would protect other teens.

The Laurisa Anello case inspired the 1993 movie. A few facts were changed around for the movie, but the central theme stuck to the true story. The name of the real offender is Bruce A. Raines of Florida. The 26-year-old man made life difficult for the innocent teenager for four years. The Anello family helped put the anti-stalking law in place in 1992, according to the Sun Sentinel.

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