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Mom suspect missing baby: Desperate search for baby back on, 'suspicious case'

Mom suspect missing baby: Desperate search for baby back on, 'suspicious case'
Mom suspect missing baby: Desperate search for baby back on, 'suspicious case'
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A mom is a suspect in a missing baby case after her 7-week-old daughter vanished from her Memphis home earlier this week. The desperate search for the baby, Aniston Walker, is back on this weekend, with police calling the abduction a “suspicious case” in which the mother has also been cited for both neglect and child abuse. ABC News shares the latest information available at this time this Friday, Jan. 10, 2014.

The mom in question, 33-year-old Andrea Walker, became a key suspect after her baby went missing this Thursday morning. The 7-week-old girl’s whereabouts are completely unknown at this point and time, and police are said to have few leads. As the desperate search continues this Saturday, law enforcement officials are utilizing cadaver dogs to investigate nearby homes, examine local backyards in the Memphis area, and even searched nearby neighborhood pond this Friday not far from where the baby was being raised with her mother and two siblings.

So far, no evidence of the missing baby’s position was discovered on Friday, but police are hoping to find her this weekend. The Memphis police force are hoping that the trending “mom suspect missing baby” headline and tragic nature of the case will make the public more aware of the abducted 7-week-old, and that neighbors might keep a sharp eye out to aid in the desperate search. The 33-year-old mom, Walker, claims that she left the baby back at home this Thursday morning with her 3-year-old son while dropping her 5-year-old to school. When she returned home, the baby girl was missing (though her son was still at home).

Though she soon became a suspect after police noted potential suspicious inconsistencies in her story, Andrea Walker noted that there wasn’t any sign of an abduction or break-in, and that the doors remained locked. She added that two individuals had the key to her house.

Affidavit details via the official press release on the "mom suspect missing baby" story are provided here:

“Police affirmed that Walker called the baby's father, who had reported the infant missing. Police also add they are not sure when someone other than the mother had last seen the baby … After interviewing Walker, police charged her with neglect and abuse. She is jailed on $500,000 bond.”

Memphis Police Director Toney Armstrong concluded that the mom is now a prime suspect in the disappearance.

"Realistically, 7-week-old kids don't mysteriously disappear without some circumstances behind it," Armstrong said. "If this was a teenage kid, if this was even a small child of school age, obviously our hopes would be high. But again, 7-week-old children do not have the means to just disappear."

"Based on his experience and the age of the child that is missing, the interviewer has probable cause to believe the child has sustained seriously bodily injury," concluded one police officer’s report on the condition of little Aniston Walker.

The search for the child continues.

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