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Mom sells daughter's Katy Perry tickets online: 'Spoiled brat' public shaming?

When a mom thought her teenage daughter was acting like a “spoiled brat” she took to social media to sell a pair of Katy Perry concert tickets that belonged to her daughter. To add insult to injury the mom also shamed her online by posting that her daughter was a "spoiled brat." Now this public shaming has gathered a flood of criticism for going too far, according to “Fox and Friends Weekend” on Sunday morning August 3.

Mom sells daughter's Katy Perry tickets online as punishment. Calls daugther "spoiled brat" on social network.
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A mom in North Dakota has had it with her 18-year-old daughter’s behavior and she put up a pair of Katy Perry concert tickets that she paid $110 for, but was willing to take $90. The power of social network had those tickets sold in less than five minutes, but that same power will carry the mother’s disparaging words about her daughter a long way for everyone to read, reports Opposing Views.

Cindy Bjerke didn’t give her daughter’s name, but since she only has one 18-year-old daughter, anyone in Fargo who knows the teen will recognize her mother. The name didn’t make a bit of difference, people will know who the daughter is. Bjerke went to the Fargo Moorhead Online Garage Sale Facebook page where she said that her daughter is a “spoiled brat” and she “doesn’t deserve these tickets.”

Taking the tickets and keeping her daughter home from the Katy Perry concert was the mother’s punishment for her daughter. While the mother never divulged what her daughter did to get this punishment, most parents would agree taking the tickets away is just fine when punishing your child. It is what came next that many had a problem with.

The mother has received massive criticism for posting the declaration that her daughter is a "spoiled brat." Doing this as a form of public shaming wasn’t considered a good parenting skill by many people. Although the mother did get some kudos for everything she posted online, some even saw nothing wrong with calling her daughter a “spoiled brat,” reports the New York Daily News.

The online debate is on even though this post has be taken down because the tickets are sold and all the fuss was taking away from the other items online for sale. “Fox and Friends Weekend” debated this subject and while many wrote in that publicly shaming her daughter was not good parenting, others thought the kids today get away with too much and found this post refreshing.

The Facebook post was only visible to about 17,000 members, as it was a closed group. That doesn’t make a bit of difference today as the post has gone viral online and the morning news shows have also picked up this story. When all was said and done, while some thought the public shaming was just fine, most thought this was harsh for Bjerke to humiliate her daughter in public.

Bjerke has absolutely no regrets for outing her daughter’s diva-like behaviors and calling her on them in public. She said she feels she is being bullied on how to parent her own child and felt that there were a lot of parents out there who felt the same way.

Kids have no mercy when it comes to taunting and teasing, so Bjerke’s daughter is sure to get some blow back from this post. Will this private matter being outed in public accomplish anything? Why would anyone want to humiliate their own child like this?

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