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Mom's Weekend

Kick off the fuzzy slippers for a weekend and have some fun!
Kick off the fuzzy slippers for a weekend and have some fun!
VCRC - 2010

What do you think of when someone says they are going to have a "Mom's Weekend Away"?

Do you conjure up images of demure, weather beaten women finally taking time to themselves? Resting, taking slow strolls on the beach. Going to bed early and sleeping in late?

WRONG! To the contrary, a mom's weekend should be the exact opposite of that!

Every so often, moms need to get reacquainted with their adventurous side. The side of you which is spontaneous, energetic, and a tiny bit selfish. Yes, slip in a nap if need be, but make it because you didn't stagger in from dancing the night before until 3am! Then you can justify taking that nap on the beach after a brisk run or walk on the boardwalk!

Buy yourself a little something in one of those silly boardwalk shops and then indulge in a greasy cheese steak that can ultimately be pasted to your thighs in lieu of digestion! Thirsty? Don't have a water silly! It's party time, have a fattening frozen mudslide and then enjoy the rush when you try to stand up!

Of course the best part of this getaway is sharing it with friends... You don't have to go far, but go nonetheless! Get out of the house and spend the weekend away. Whether it be to another state altogether or simply a hike up the parkway to Avalon... You NEED this at least once a year. You will come back a new and refreshed mommy that your kids will appreciate as a result of missing your nagging for an entire weekend!

LAUGH ladies! Dance! Be merry! Yes you are a mom, a wife, a professional businessperson, but first and foremost you are a woman and alive! Nothing rejuvenates the soul like a weekend with girlfriends. Too many times life obligations overtake us and we begin to loss the very essence of who we are. These weekends will help you see a glimmer of you, if not fully recapture the spark that makes you who you are!

Summer is here and it's the perfect time to get out there and plan your getaway. Your family will survive one weekend without you. In fact, they'll welcome you home like the hero you are!

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  • Ann Waybourn 5 years ago

    Nice article...I am a new writer and absolutely adore this piece.

  • ECR 5 years ago

    Glad your back Ronmnie.

  • ECR 5 years ago

    Glad your back Ronnie.

  • Ronnie 5 years ago

    Thank you ECR, It's good to have something to write about... Ann, welcome and best of luck to you!

  • dci 5 years ago

    great article - so refreshing to hear am article that celebrates the art of being a woman without any guilt! KUDOS!

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