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Mom's Fitness: Stretch Playtime at the Park

Bring stretch bands to the park
Studio 715, andrea metcalf

Although weight training provides resistance to increase muscle strength and size, they are not the most portable piece of exercise equipment. Resistance bands have slipped into suitcases and even play bags to make fitness outside the home "a snap"! That said, bringing your children to the park for a run, skip and jump may be the perfect time for you to team up with another playmom to sneak in a few exercises for yourselves.

Here are a few great resistance band partner training ideas:

1) See-Saw - With each participant holding a resistance tubing handle and facing each other with shoulder width feet stance, start with a distance apart that allows the band to be slightly at stretch. Now with arms extended and straight, one partner lifts arms straight up over head while the other squats and presses arms downward. Alternate the see-saw up and down motion targeting the shoulders, lats, triceps and waist trimming core muscles. Perform for 4 sets of 60 second intervals.

2) Swing Batter - Another variation of the above movement pattern, this time each partner faces to their right side with arms extended. As one partner presses forward the other partner pulls backward. This helps tone the shoulders, glutes and waistline. Perform for 60 seconds with speed and timing that match each others movements. Change lead direction to left side and repeat series. Try for 2 sets on each side of swinging.

3) Running Mom - One mom, the "running mom", holds tubing around her waistline with hands avoiding the tube cutting into the waistline. The other partner holds the tubing handles. The "running mom" jogs in place leaning forward away from the stabilizing mom. Jog and lean in place for 30-60 seconds and then switch "running moms". Try for 4-6 sets of running.

These simple exercises tone the legs, waistline and shoulders and compliment any cardio program.

Andrea Metcalf can be found at or She is a healthy lifestyle expert and fitness trainer hoping to inspire people to get healthier with small changes for big results.

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