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Mom returns home, finds babysitter tattooed her kids, has bizarre reaction

Mom returns home, finds babysitter tattooed her kids, has bizarre reaction
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When a mom returned home to find the babysitter has tattooed her children without parental consent, her reaction landed her and her boyfriend in jail. According to Jan. 22 report on Wetpaint, The reaction was bizarre.

Melissa Delp, 32, left her two daughters, both under the age of 13, with a family friend, Alexander Edwards, 20, while she and her boyfriend, Daniel Janney, went out. When the Virginia mother returned with Janney, they discovered Edwards had given both girls tattoos without Delp’s consent.

What happened next was not only bizarre but landed Delp and Janney in jail. Rather than reporting Edwards to police, the couple attempted to remove the tattoos themselves. A representative from the sheriff’s office stated, “There was an effort to cover these tattoos up. It didn’t help the situation any. It added more scarring."

In Virginia, no one under the age of 18 may be tattooed without parental consent. Edwards is facing charges of malicious wounding, child abduction, and assault. For their part in the attempted cover-up, Delp and Janney have also been arrested. They face charges of felony child abuse.

When the story broke, someone who runs a tattoo removal business offered to remove the girls’ tats for free. At least someone has those girls’ best interests at heart.

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