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Mom quadruplets: Unplanned pregnancy turned into another big surprise

A Mississippi mom gave birth to identical quadruplets last week. The 42-year-old woman and her husband were expecting triplets, but wound up with four identical girls..all healthy.

FOX News cites the Clarion Ledger in a Feb. 17 report that Kimberly Fugate already had one daughter, 10, and was not planning to have more children. Last November she found out she was pregnant with triplets. This mom had no idea quadruplets were going to be the real deal!

The mom delivered quadruplets at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) on February 8. When all three babies came out, the doctor saw another baby ready to arrive.

“More feet," he said.

It is unusual for quadruplets to be born...especially identical quadruplets. It is an extremely rare incident.

The Fugate babies will be at the hospital until May since they were delivered prematurely at 28 weeks. This is common with multiple babies in one birth. They have not had sufficient time to fully develop in the womb.

Raising four babies will be an arduous task for the parents, but one they will cherish despite the pregnancy being unplanned. Any mom having quadruplets will make news, particularly in a situation like this!

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