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Mom quadruplets: Mom gives birth to 'surprise' fourth baby

A mom gave birth to quadruplets much to her surprise -- she thought she was expecting triplets! On Feb. 17, FOX News reported that Kimberly Fugate from Mississippi wasn't planning on having any more children after her 10-year-old was born but in Nov. 2013, she learned that she was pregnant. Fugate was shocked to learn that she was expecting not one but three babies -- but when she went into labor last week, she was in for yet another surprise.

"When Fugate, 42, went into labor at the University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) on February 8, she had delivered three healthy babies as expected. But then, her doctor looked at her and said, 'More feet,'" reports FOX News.

After the mom had the quadruplets, there was another piece of news that was surprising. All four babies are female -- Kenleigh, Kristen, Kaleigh, and Kelsey -- and identical, something that is extremely rare. Doctors at the hospital were just as surprised as Kimberly Fugate!

"No one really knows what makes a single zygote separate into identical twins or identical triplets, or in this case, identical quadruplets. It’s definitely an accident; it's not supposed to happen and, in some cases, like Ms. Fugate's, it happens in a spectacular manner," said Dr. James Bofill, director of maternal-fetal medicine at UMMC.

The mom and her quadruplets are all healthy and said to be doing well -- which is the most important part of this story. The babies will remain in the hospital until May since they were born premature.

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