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Mom plans prom for homeschoolers

Mom plans prom for homeschoolers
Photo by Ethan Miller

In high schools across the country, spring brings the arrival of prom. Teens make plans to dance the night away and call on hair stylists, chauffeurs and other helpers to create the time of their lives. For high school seniors, prom holds special meaning as a symbolic end to their high school days, making it a way to say goodbye to friends and classmates.

Cheryl Reeder, a Cincinnati mother, didn't want her homeschooled children to miss out on the fun of prom. Her solution was to create The Cincinnati Homeschool Prom, an event creating proms exclusively for homeschoolers. This year's event, The Mad Hatter's Masquerade Ball, is open to all homeschool students age 15 and up. Prom will be held at A Touch of Elegance on Kellogg Avenue with photography provided by Dingo Photography and Imaging and after prom activities at Scallywag Tag.

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