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Mom passed out drunken and stoned as toddler wanders outside at 2:30 a.m.

Cops said the mom thought it was funny.  The dad was down the street fishing.
Cops said the mom thought it was funny. The dad was down the street fishing.
Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office

The West Boynton, Fla. parents of a five-year-old boy were arrested on Monday after deputies with the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office were alerted that the little boy was wandering around outside his apartment complex alone and unattended at 2:30 a.m. Pavel Krutakov, 29, and Elena Chikaurova, also 29, are both looking at charges of child neglect, according to a June 18 report from the The Palm Beach Post.

A concerned neighbor from the parents’ West Boynton Beach apartment complex contacted police to report that a four-year-old child was wandering around the grounds all by himself. The caller went on to say that the little boy said he was looking for his parents. The toddler was later identified to be five years old.

Police say that when they arrived on the scene around 2:30 a.m., they had a difficult time locating the child’s mother. When they finally did find her, they had a tough time waking her up. According to the police report, when the mom was finally awakened and alert, she didn’t seem to take the news about her child wandering off alone in the middle of the night too seriously.

Police say she actually started laughing when she heard the news. Deputies wrote in their report that Chikaurova “seemed to think the incident was funny,”

The caller that contacted the police in the first place should be credited for saving the boy and his parents from a potentially disastrous situation. When the caller came across the child looking for his parents, the caller asked the little boy where he lived. The little boy led the person to his and his parents’ apartment.

The apartment door was unlocked, but no one appeared to be inside, according to the police accounts.

As the child and adult stood there, the unnamed adult said a man later identified as Krutakov walked up, grabbed the child, put the boy inside the apartment and left again.

It wasn’t too long afterwards that Boynton police arrived knocking at Krutakov’s and Chikaurova’s apartment door, according to WPTV. Just as the little boy who had previously been wandering around the complex answered the door, the boy’s father also showed up. Krutakov told police that he’d been down the street fishing and that the little boy’s mother was inside the apartment asleep. Police entered the apartment,

… and found Chikaurova passed out inside. Police said she smelled of alcohol.

A half-empty and open bottle of vodka was in the home as was some marijuana and a pipe.

After police rousted the passed out mom, they asked her about her son’s whereabouts. Police say the mom started laughing and saying she didn’t know where the boy was because she was sleeping. When asked about keeping the apartment doors locked, the mom started laughing again. According to Chikaurova’s arrest report, police wrote, “she said this hasn’t happened before and again seemed to think the incident was funny.”

The deputies from the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office arrested both parents. The child was turned over to the care of the Florida Department of Children and Families “while the investigation continues.” By mid-day Monday, both Krutakov and Chikaurova had been released on bond.

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