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Mom on trial for killing kids: Scene so gruesome, cops get stress counseling

Woman's trial begins: Shot and killed her "mouthy" teens.
Woman's trial begins: Shot and killed her "mouthy" teens.

A military mother is facing charges of shooting and killing her two teenagers. Julie Schenecker shot and killed her son on the way to soccer practice because he talked back, she then turned around and drove home. When she arrived home Schenecker found her teen daughter doing homework on the computer and shot her in the face and killed her, according to AJ Media on April 28.

Police found this scene at this Tampa, Florida home so disturbing that a stress team was called to counsel the officers after witnessing the carnage. Police received a call from Julie Schenecker's mother who had just received a disturbing email from her daughter.

When police got to the home they found Julie Schenecker drenched in blood on the back porch. Then they found the teen's bodies in a gruesome scene inside the house. Her son, 13-year-old Beau Schenecker had been shot twice in the head. Her 16-year-old daughter, Calyx was shot in the face.

The jurors at the trial for Julie Schenecker will see and hear some bizarre testimony about this woman, who was once a soccer mom who cheered on the sidelines. Then there is the Julie Schenecker who purchased the gun she used to kill her two children just days before she killed them.

According to Fox News today, the jurors will also hear about how Schenecker complained in a letter how the three-day waiting period before actually getting the gun would "delay the massacre."

What the jurors will hear through the testimonies is that this woman was once a vibrant and full of life soccer mom. They will see that today she has turned into someone different with a face that's "contorted" and eyes seemingly empty.

The jurors deciding the fate of this woman will see the disturbing pictures of what she did to her children. These pictures are so gruesome, even some of the law enforcement officers needed help through counselors after witnessing this scene.

Schenecker 53, will be presented by her attorneys as a woman who struggled with mental illness for years and they plan to use the insanity defense. While the state will present the woman as someone who purchased the gun and planned these murders days before she actually killed her children.

She faces two counts of first-degree murder as the jury selection starts today. Schenecker is a former military linguist and she was the mother of these two well-rounded teens that she slay in their home. She does have a long history of mental illness, once being hospitalized for nine months.

The prosecutors are not seeking the death penalty in this case, but she could face life in prison without parole if she is found guilty. If she is found insane, she would be ordered into an institution for treatment until she is deemed no longer a threat to herself or others.

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