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Mom on life support baby: Mixed feelings of joy and sorrow

Mom on life support has baby.
Mom on life support has baby.
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A mom on life support delivered a baby boy after she was declared brain dead the last month of her pregnancy. ABC News reports Feb. 11 that Dylan Benson had to say goodbye to his wife, Robyn Benson, 32, after she was kept alive on life support to save the baby.

Dylan found Robyn unconscious in their home on Dec. 28...she was 22 weeks pregnant. She had complained to her husband before about experiencing a terrible headache. Doctors determined that Robyn had a massive bleeding from the brain and declared her brain dead. They kept the mom on life support to keep the unborn baby alive.

Dylan wrote this on his Facebook page and blog Monday night:

“It is with a heavy heart but also with extreme proudness that I am posting this update. On Saturday evening, my beautiful and amazing son, Iver Cohen Benson, was born.”

They posted a photo as well.

“Iver is healthy and is the cutest and most precious person I have ever met," Dylan added. He did not leave out the fact that it will be a “bumpy ride” for the premature infant.

It was a bittersweet time after Iver was born because Dylan had to say farewell to his wife, whom he wrote will always be alive in his and their son's heart.

“I miss Robyn more than words can explain,” he wrote.

Mixed feelings of joy and sorrow would apply in this situation, one would imagine. To hear that the mom on life support kept breathing to save her baby is a sad, yet touching story. The good news is Dylan Benson has a strong support system from family, friends and strangers who will help him through this difficult time.

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