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Mom on life support: Baby Iver born to brain-dead wife of Dylan Benson

A newborn baby: A miracle
A newborn baby: A miracle
Wikimedia Commons: Pospiech at the Polish language Wikipedia

A mom on life support in Canada had a baby while she was brain dead. The wife of Dylan Benson gave birth to a son called Iver in Victoria, according to The Canadian Press via Guelph Mercury on Feb. 11.

The new dad had been high school sweethearts with his wife, Robyn. After 16 years together, she was able to gift Dylan with their baby boy who weighed in at two pounds, 13 ounces. As a reminder of where he came from, Iver has a bit of red hair sprouting from his little head making him a ginger just like the woman who bore him.

Benson talked about what he first thought when he met Iver. He remembered thinking "how amazing he looked." The new father added, "I guess it's just a massive, massive sense of relief that he was here and he had made it."

But this dad and husband knew that Robyn would soon be taken off life support.

By way of background, everything started to go wrong at the end of 2013 for the Bensons. Robyn was struck with a horrible headache and when Dylan went to the drugstore to get pain relievers, he came him to find Robyn on the bathroom floor.

She was unresponsive and paramedics were not able to revive his wife who reportedly was suffering from a blood leak into the brain, an irreversible situation. Although brain dread, physicians looking after Robyn held out hope that she would be able to keep the baby safe until he could be delivered by caesarean.

That's just what happened and now Iver will stay in the hospital until May when he should be strong enough to go home. This was also Robyn's due date.

Meanwhile, Robyn will be forever be missed by her husband and son but since the mom who was on life support was able to give her baby a life when she was brain dead, she produced a true miracle in the meantime.

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