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Mom learns how to play football

Your son plays football and you sit in the stands. He talks about a new play or an old play that helped score the winning points. And there you sit not really knowing what to say. Your mind is racing as you are trying to process what he just said. Well now you can learn what he is talking about. What the formations are. How your son processes the defense, the offense and the game.

Moms learn how to play football with the help of their sons who play for the Mountain Range Mustangs.
John DiTirro
Moms learn how to play football
John DiTirro

The Mountain Range High School,Mustangs held their sixth annual training session so their moms could experience the action on the field. They bond with mom and put her through some running, blocking, hitting, and yes even a tackle or two while learning the game of football.

Head Coach Brian Davey says this is a great way to get the mothers more involved and have some quality time that will be cherished forever. Along with the Offensive Coordinator and Quarterbacks Coach Mike Mudeking and the Defensive Coordinator Bob Hudson. the Mountain Range High School coaches all agree that this is a great way to get the mothers involved since a lot come to the games but few know what is really happening on the field.

This years team lead by quarterback Isaac DiTirro looks to be a team that is ready for battle. Isaac has played for the Mountain Range Mustangs since his freshman year. Isaac has worked hard for this challenge and is ready to take his team to victory. But it will also be a painful year as Isaac lost one of his best friends a few weeks ago. His grandfather passed away from a long bout with cancer. And yet with all that is going on, his work ethics both on and off the field are ones to imitate. Isaac never missed a day of work while helping his mother and siblings deal with the loss. Isaac traded shifts with coworkers and kept fighting through the pain. Isaac is also involved academically while taking AP and CP classes and maintains a 3.2 GPA. Isaac surrounds himself with some of the best. Dominic Capolungo, Robert Hudson, Brandon Forney, and Patrick Byerly. Weapons to throw to, Elijah Gillespie and Damon Aragon. As well as a strong running game with Stephen Bailey at tailback.

Big men on defense, Brandon Forney, Patrick Byerly, Ashton Delaney, and in the secondary Elijah Gillespie and Jaden Smith will help keep the opponents to minimal scoring .

The Mountain Range Mustangs can look to their leader for confidence and the motivation to do great things. And with a coach like Brian Davey, the moms can now sit in the stand and cheer their sons and the Mountain Range Mustangs on and know what is happening on the field. They can look at the formation and say "yes I remember practicing that play".

Along with teaching the mothers the game of football, this is also a day of fundraising for the Mustangs. A great fundraiser is the golf ball drop. You purchase a golf ball and if that ball lands closet to the pin, your a winner of one of the many fantastic prizes they have. But this is not an ordinary golf ball drop. These balls are dropped from a helicopter. To finalize the day, how about a hard fought scrimmage so everyone can see the plays ran at full speed.

This should be a part of every teams ethics so moms everywhere can learn the game of football. Thanks coach Brain Davey and to your dedicated staff for helping bring the players and their mothers closer to each other and the game of football.

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