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Mom killed teacher: 5-year-olds watch as mom killed teacher with knife in class

Mom kills teacher as horrified preschoolers in classroom watch as teacher is stabbed repeatedly.
Mom kills teacher as horrified preschoolers in classroom watch as teacher is stabbed repeatedly.
Photo by Rob Kim/Getty Images

The mother of a preschooler stabbed her daughter's teacher to death in front of the class on Friday. This scene of carnage played out as the children at this French pre-school watched in horror as their classmate's mom repeatedly stabbed the teacher until she was lifeless on the floor of the classroom.

The mother, who was suffering from psychological problems, ended the last day of school for the children in a scene of bloodshed, according to USA Today on July 4. The child, whose mother did this horrific crime, was new to the school and had only been enrolled for about a month and a half.

A police official said that the mother, who was taken into custody, stabbed this teacher multiple times soon after the start of school on Friday. This mother had very little contact with the school until Friday when she killed the teacher.

According to Mail Online, the mother attempted to escape, but was apprehended by police close to the school grounds. Witnesses report that the mother screamed “I am not a thief” before plunging the knife into the teacher’s abdomen. The victim is identified as a 34-year-old mother of two, Fabienne Calmes.

The motive for this killing is unknown, but Marie-Odile Gay, who is a member of the regional health and safety committee for the Education Ministry said that “the mother thought this teacher had called her daughter a thief.” This was a misconception on the mother’s part, but it might have been behind the mother’s attack on the teacher.

The mother’s five-year-old daughter didn’t have any problems in school. It was not known if the girl was in school on Friday to witness her mother’s carnage. She is now in the care of social services.

France does not see this type of violence and incidents, such as this are extremely rare. It is a country with very little crime in comparison to the U.S. and other developed countries. Even though it was an adult teacher who is the victim of this crime, the children of this classroom are also victims, as this will without a doubt leave them with psychological scars.

The mother who did the stabbing is not an unknown to police. She was accused of abandoning her 15-year-old-son earlier this year. The mother, who is 47, has been under psychiatric care as an outpatient in counseling previously.

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