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Mom jailed for breastfeeding while drinking: Charges dropped against mom

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A mom was jailed for breastfeeding while drinking in Arkansas and the waitress that called police about the woman was subsequently fired. On March 26, ABC News reported that Tasha Adams was charged with "endangerment" but said charge was later dropped by the deputy city attorney because there wasn't any proof that Adams drank too much.

"I did drink. I did breastfeed. I didn’t know it was illegal. If I knew it was illegal, I wouldn’t have done it," Adams explained in an interview with "20/20." Adams says that she went to the restaurant with her family after a funeral -- she brought her 6-month-old along because she was nursing. Little did she know she would get arrested a short time later.

The mom jailed for breastfeeding while drinking was approached by police after an "off-duty waitress" called them. The waitress said that there were "several drinks" (not only beer) on the table and that the crowd was getting "loud." Worried about the baby (as a mother herself), the waitress told a manager. When nothing was done, the waitress decided to call police.

Studies show that breastfeeding moms can have one drink once in a while with little harm to their baby however the ever-popular "pump and dump" method is suggested if a nursing mother consumes alcohol. Even still, there is no law in Arkansas that permits a mother to drink while breastfeeding.

In this case, the mom jailed for breastfeeding while drinking says that she wishes she was given a Breathalyzer test to prove that she wasn't drunk. She said that she knows herself and that she would not have breastfed her baby if she was wasted.

A week after the incident, the waitress that called police on the breastfeeding mom was fired. She says, however, that she doesn't regret her decision to notify police.

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