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Mom jailed for breastfeeding while drinking alcohol: Charges later dropped

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A mom was jailed for breastfeeding while drinking alcoholic beverages in a Conway, Ark. restaurant last November. 28-year-old Tasha Adams was arrested and charged with endangering the welfare of a minor after a waitress at Gusano's called police, WebPro News reports March 27.

The young mother appeared on ABC's "20/20" after the controversial incident happened with her daughter when she was six months old. Adams said she wouldn't have been breastfeeding had she known it was against the law while drinking alcohol.

After off-duty waitress, Jackie Connors, noticed Adams allegedly had "two or three drinks" in front of her. Adams insisted she only had a couple of them. Connors admitted that she didn't see Adams actually drinking, but she saw the bartender preparing what "looked like Long Islands," which were served at her table. There were other patrons seated at Adams' table, so the alcoholic beverages could have been any of theirs.

When Connors called police, the restaurant was against it. They didn't want to confront Adams. It surely had to be embarrassing for the manager in this situation, but the waitress ended up contacting police.

When authorities arrived, they talked with Adams about the waitress' report. Adams said she didn't know drinking while nursing was illegal. In fact, state law doesn't state anything about it being illegal. Adams was arrested on charges of "endangering the welfare of a child."

Last week Conway deputy city attorney, Chuck Clawson, dropped the charges against Adams because there wasn't valid evidence that Adams was too intoxicated to care for her baby. Adams said the police should have made her take a breathalyzer before arresting her.

Why any mom would want to publicly -- or privately -- drink while nursing a baby is a bit hard to understand in the first place. The mom jailed for breastfeeding while drinking was charged on several assumptions, it appears.

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