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Mom fired from Whole Foods for staying home with her special needs son

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On Feb. 6 Opposing Views shares that a single mom was fired from her job at Whole Foods after she called in to work to stay at home with her special needs son when his Chicago school was canceled due to extreme temperatures.

Rhiannon Broschat says that she called in and told her employer that she couldn't find a sitter for her special needs son and wouldn't be able to make it into work. Things were seemingly fine when she returned to work the next day until the end of her shift when she was called into the boss's office and told that her absence was unexcused and they were going to have to fire her.

They sited that the absentee policies had changed a lot over the years and they policy was very strict and didn't allow for calling in. Now, Broschat and others are picketing outside of the Whole Foods because they find the firing inexcusable and many of the other employees are in danger of losing their jobs as well for various reasons.

While Rhiannon says that she could have (legally) left her 10-year old son at home alone when she couldn't get a sitter for him, she didn't think that it was the best thing to do because of his needs. She says that even if she doesn't get her job back, she would feel justified if they at least looked at the policy again and changed it to something that was more forgiving and understanding of the fact that sometimes you just can't make it in.

This isn't the first time that something like this has happened. Not long ago, a secretary for the Autism Speaks organization was also let go for needing to take time off from the job to be with her autistic son.