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Mom finds loophole in 3-year-old's story about stealing the douhgnut

According to Yahoo! on Wednesday, a video that was recorded by a mother interrogating her 3-year-old daughter about stealing a doughnut, has gone viral. The mom gives some surprising responses to her daughter during the conversation. In the end, the mother accomplishes what she set out to do. Listen to the video in this humorous teachable story.

In the 3:39 video on YouTube, the mom confronts her cute daughter about the doughnut fragments she sees on top of a white hat. The long-haired 3-year-old brown-skinned girl tries to convince her mom that her dad gave her the doughnut through storytelling.

Kids live in a fantasy, make-believe world, and they sometimes confuse fantasy with reality (or truth). This toddler has done an amazing job of expressing herself in an almost believable manner, but the truth is staring her right in her face.

There are valuable lessons in this video for parents and children alike:

  1. Ask questions before you administer a punishment
  2. Talking with your child may be sufficient punishment
  3. The truth will surface during focused interrogation
  4. Don't let your child get away with doing wrong
  5. Disobedience must be confronted.

Check out what people are saying about this video. Comments are floating throughout the Internet concerning this cute little girl being confronted by her mom.

A favorite part of the video surfaces near the end when the child expresses to her mother, "I'm not going to love you for a second." The mom's comeback is phenomenal, as she responds, "You don't have to love me, but you do have to be obedient." That statement alone is worth the entire video.

How would you approach this situation? Would you yell and accuse your child of stealing? The Bible states in Proverbs that we should not provoke our children to wrath. Anger stirs up anger, and in return, nothing gets accomplished.

One of the 10 Commandments in the Bible states, "Thou shalt not steal." This mom is on the right track. Her calm disposition and wisdom is delightful. We give this mom a thumbs up for dealing with one of life's toughest matters - lying. Lying has gotten many people in trouble, and this mother has just saved her daughter from the trap that lies can bring.

This young mother is to be commended for not tolerating lies from her child even if the child tries to explain her situation through storytelling. Congratulations mother, for getting to the truth of the matter!

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