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Mom finds dead body while on Easter egg hunt with 3-year-old son

The man had been decomposing beneath the Tennessee mom’s rear deck for about two weeks.
The man had been decomposing beneath the Tennessee mom’s rear deck for about two weeks.
Knoxville News Sentinel/YouTube

A mother in Tennessee was enjoying an Easter egg hunt with her three-year-old son in their back yard on Wednesday when she came across a gruesome discovery, a dead body in a crawl space underneath her back deck. The mom, Tara Hanouskova, from west Knoxville, said she had been aware of a foul smell in the area, but didn’t know the source of that odor until she discovered the decomposing remains.

The Huffington Post reported on April 18 that Hanouskova figured it all out when she noticed a pair of men’s tennis shoes peeking out from beneath the back deck of her home. Fortunately, her son did not notice the body during his search for chocolate Easter eggs in his back yard.

Hanouskova contacted the Knoxville Police Department regarding her discovery, and said that authorities were very discreet during their investigation. She said that, "They were very respectful; they tread lightly." She told the investigators that she didn’t know the man or how he came to be decomposing beneath her deck. She was grateful that her son didn’t actually see the body and that the three-year-old “has no idea what happened."

A spokesperson for the Knoxville Police Department, Darrell DeBusk, shared that the man had been decomposing in that crawl space underneath Hanouskova’s rear deck for approximately two weeks. An autopsy on the man’s remains revealed that the deceased did suffer from a “medical condition that could have led to his death.”

For now, unless the police investigation uncovers otherwise, the man’s death will be attributed to natural causes. Police are still trying to determine the man’s identity and how he came to his end underneath Hanouskova’s deck.

WBTW quoted the Tennessee mom as saying “I really don't even know how he got there."

Authorities said that the middle-aged dead man was found fully clothed, was about five feet, four inches tall, weighed about 170 pounds with short brown hair and brown eyes, had extensive dental work, and had no discernable scars or tattoos.

Police could not match up the man with any missing persons. Police investigation into the identity of the dead man is ongoing.

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