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Mom finds bag of pot in her fries: Not adult happy meal, Sonic employee fired

Woman finds surprise bag of pot in her fries at Sonic, just like a happy meal for adults? This was a mistake and the employee who lost her bag of pot in a customer's frie bag is now fired.
Twitter/ Jess_cuz_i_ can

Some might call this an adult happy meal when you reach into your fast-food bag and pull out a neat little package of marijuana, but that is not what this mom is calling it. A Maryland woman took her kids to Sonic and when she reached into her fries, she pulled out a tiny plastic bag filled with pot, according to NBC News on June 28.

Carla McFarland had picked up her food at the drive-thru window and passed out the chicken finger to her kids. It was then her turn to dig into the bag to get to her order, but something was a bit different than she had expected. There was pot in her fries, something she obviously did not order!

Once finding the packet of pot this mom sat in her car in a bit of a shock. This Sonic restaurant in Frederick had just recently opened in May and it is the only one in the county, so it was quite the treat for the family to have a Sonic nearby.

According to the Frederick News Post, McFarland notified the restaurant manager and the police were called. The employees were asked if anyone had dropped this bag of pot into the woman's fries and one young woman stepped forward and took responsibility.

The employee explained that it must have fallen from her apron when she was preparing the food. While it was noble to do the right thing and admit the mistake, the woman was fired. McFarland said that she kept thinking "what if my kids had eaten it?"

It is not clear if any charges will be brought against the employee who fessed up to owning the pot. The Frederick County Sheriff's Office kept the substance as evidence. The owners of this Sonic franchise, John Louderback and his wife, confirmed that the employee is no long working there. He also said the incident is still under investigation.

Along with the management profusely apologizing, McFarland was refunded her money and given new food. The incident happened at the Sonic restaurant on Gilford Drive in Frederick.

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