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Mom eats 72-ounce steak in 3 minutes? Competitive eating gives family extra cash

Molly Schuyler might appear to be an average mom to some. The Nebraska woman has found a way to make a few extra bucks for her family’s budget and she isn't clipping coupons. According to the Today Show on Friday, the celebrity is a competitive eating champion and she enters in competitions to win. Like her latest competition where she ate a 72-ounce steak in three minutes.

The video of the mom eating the steak so fast has become a YouTube viral video. She was at the Sayler’s Old Country Kitchen in Portland on vacation and tried her luck on the 72-ounce steak to see if she could break the record that was seven minutes. She ate the steak in three minutes and won the top prize.

What has shot Molly Schuyler to stardom on YouTube? First, how she eats the food so fast. Somewhat mesmerizing and definitely a little disturbing the process is very intriguing. Plus, this woman has no agenda except to help pay a few extra bills around the house and make a few extra bucks for the family. She isn't your typical competitive eater who is so boastful it’s a turn off. Add that the woman is fit and everyone wonders where all the food goes!

Take a look at Molly Schuyler eat a steak in three minutes. Competitive eating champions become celebrities just by the overwhelming food they consume in such a short time. Add that Molly does this to help her family and the pop culture moment has everyone impressed!

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