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Mom drives van into ocean: Mom provoked by "demons," slams van into ocean

Mom drives van into ocean: Ebony Wilkerson, 32, was said by her sister to have acted strange two hours before she slammed her minivan into the ocean waters of Daytona Beach on Tuesday. The pregnant woman from South Carolina also had her other three children inside the vehicle with her. in Orlando released more details March 6 on the mysterious circumstances surrounding the incident.

"She's talking about Jesus, that there's demons in the house," said her sister. "She's got the kids in the car with her."

Wilkersons' sister told authorities that she was "acting odd," but never thought she would endanger the kids.

Wilkerson is having a mental evaluation, but her behavior did not meet legal requirements for police to take her into custody.

"If she made any statements that she was suicidal or homicidal officers would have taken her into custody," said Volusia County Sheriff Ben Johnson.

The mom who frantically drove her van into the ocean expressed to police that she was in fear of her ex-husband tracking her down and hurting her and the kids. Wilkerson said she was going to a "safe place" she had "worked out with a domestic violence shelter."

Tim Tesseneer, of Rutherfordton, N.C. was one of two men who jumped in to rescue the kids who were ages 3, 9 and 10. They screamed to him that their mother was trying to kill them and that there was third child in the van. Tesseneer and the other man managed to save all three, but said that the mother just walked away with a "blank" look on her face. She did not say a word, according to Tesseneer.

The children were taken to the hospital for examination and are reportedly okay. They are in the custody of the Florida Department of Children and Families and reportedly will be placed with family members after a background check

A mom van drives into ocean to escape demons? Was it a sharp turn that went bad or an actual murder-suicide attempt? The mom's actions speak volumes, but it is a good thing the children came out of this alive!

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