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Mom drives van into ocean: 31 y/o woman plunges ride into ocean, 3 kids inside

A mom who drove her van into the ocean this week with her three kids inside is now in police custody and currently being medically evaluated. The pregnant 31-year-old woman from South Carolina, Ebony Wilkerson, was said to be acting out of sorts recently and talking of “demons.” KSL News reports this Wednesday, March 5, 2014, that the woman and her children were fortunately saved from the shocking incident by daring witnesses who came to the rescue.

A  mother drives her minivan into the waves
Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons

Though the drowning scare only happened this Tuesday evening, mom drives van into ocean headlines hit the news by Wednesday morning after it was revealed that the pregnant 31-year-old had seemingly tried killing her kids after plunging their family minivan into the water. Ebony Wilkinson, of South Carolina, was said to have been feeling strange and speaking of demons throughout the month. She even underwent police questioning less than a day before apparently trying to take her own life and that of her children.

"Her sister had called dispatch and told them that she (Wilkerson) had been talking about demons that day before she left the house," Police Chief Mike Chitwood said in a press conference Wednesday. "She was not concerned about the children because the sister said she (Wilkerson) would never harm her children. But she did say Wilkerson had been talking about demons and seemed a little off."

Although the pregnant mom who later drove her 3 kids into the ocean was later interviewed by law enforcement officials, they had no legal reason to hold her. She had admitted to police to feeling troubled and to be “running” from her invasive ex-husband.

A now viral clip of video footage reveals Wilkerson’s van, a Black Honda Odyssey, plunging into the ocean waves as witnesses nearby do their best to try and stop the woman from entering the water. People said that they were surprised to see the car itself driving so close to the water’s edge, and utterly shocked when it veered in.

“I saw a kid in the back, like waving his arms around, like screaming, 'Help us! Help us!' and the car kept going deeper," a witness Taylor Quintin told CBS News.

According to the press release on the mom drives van into ocean story, another witness said that he was one of the very first to make it to the minivan in an attempt to save the 3 kids, who were crying for help in the backseat.

"The two in the back seat was crying, with their arms out saying 'Our mommy's trying to kill us, please help,’ ” the man shared with a local news station.

The family was successfully rescued, while the 31-year-old pregnant mother is currently undergoing psychiatric evaluation.

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