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Mom scolds 12-year-old daughter on Facebook (VIDEO)

Lorraine Walls, a mother of a 12-year-old daughter, has taken to social media web site Facebook to discipline her daughter. The mother is trying to embarrass her daughter into not enacting anti-social behaviors in the future, according to an HLN-TV report on Friday.

Milwaukee Mom takes to Facebook to discipline daughter

On the video attached to a Facebook account, the mother is heard, telling her daughter to respond to her when she speaks. The mother says, “Tell them that you can’t be on Facebook.” Then the mother is also heard, telling the girl to say that she can’t have a boyfriend. Also, the girl is instructed by her mom that she is reading her Bible.

The girl was not allowed to have a Facebook page, according to the report, but she had one anyway.

Lorraine Walls asserts that her daughter was in a fight and then suspended from school. Additionally, the mom says that her daughter was planning yet another fight. More than the fighting, the mom found out that the 12-year-old was bullying people on Facebook and talking to a boy.

At one point, the mother threatened to hit her daughter but says she regrets having said that. She says she never struck her daughter.

The post has caused controversy, but it appears that most are basically saying, “She’s a good, tough mom.”

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