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Mom daughter died mistake: Worst nightmare for mom to hear about her daughter

Mom told her daughter died by mistake.
Mom told her daughter died by mistake.
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A mom who was informed her daughter died was a mistake Washington state officials made -- putting Lori Baker through her own hell. The woman grieved for days after hearing that her estranged daughter, Samantha Rose Kennedy, was killed when a car struck her on March 14. A chaplain arrived at Baker's door to inform her of the tragedy. Samantha had been missing since she was 16 and Baker had no idea what her daughter was doing.

The mom who was told that her daughter died due to a mistake, was reversed when the same chaplain visited her again to announce that the Pierce County Medical Examiner messed up. It wasn't Samantha Rose Kennedy that was another girl, Christian Post reported March 21.

"I believed what they told me. That my daughter was dead," Baker said.

Baker had written an obituary for her daughter when the chaplain contacted her again about the serious mistake.

"He said, 'I'm sorry, but there's been mistake,'" Baker said. "I cussed. I said, 'What do you do? Just go around telling family members they are dead and they say, oops, my mistake?'"

Medical Examiner Thomas Clark has publicly apologized to Lori Baker, but she will not accept it. A mom told her daughter died simply because it was a huge mistake on the part of experts in these situations is awful.

"We work in a gray area," Dr. Clark said. "We did what we normally do. We thought it would be sufficient, but in retrospect, it wasn't."

Baker's daughter is still alive and the other relatives of the deceased woman were contacted after this huge error.

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