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Mom daughter died mistake: Mom wrongly told her daughter died

A mom was told that her daughter died in a mistake by a medical examiner in Washington State. On March 20, NBC News reported that Lori Baker was mistakenly told that her missing daughter was found dead -- she even went ahead and hand-wrote an obituary about her 24-year-old daughter. Come to find out, the information was incorrect.

Baker was told that her daughter, Samantha Kennedy, had been hit by a car and died. The news came from the Pierce County Medical Examiner after a tattoo and a photo helped identify whom they thought was Samantha. It turns out, they were wrong.

The mom who's daughter died "by mistake" is furious. Despite an apology from the Medical Examiner's office, Baker says that mistake shouldn't have happened -- and she's right. She couldn't imagine that someone would "confirm" the death of her daughter and then turn around and say "oops. It wasn't her." Now she's left with more questions and the urgency to find her daughter has increased.

"I know my child is alive. I'm so relieved," said Baker. She feels as any mother would feel after being told your child died and then being told that wasn't the case. It's not easy and the emotional roller coaster makes it that much worse.

This mom knows it wasn't her daughter who died and the mistake gives her hope but it doesn't make the search any easier. More in the video above.

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