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Mom daughter died mistake: Grieving mom was told after 2 days daughter is alive

Mom daughter died mistake: Grieving mom finds out daughter is alive after 2 days
Mom daughter died mistake: Grieving mom finds out daughter is alive after 2 days
Komo News

A mom who was told that her daughter had died found out that it had been a mistake by the medical examiner. After two “harrowing” days of grieving for her daughter, the mistake was clarified. "Yesterday was a whole whirlwind of emotions, until me and my sister saw her and screamed, 'it's not her'," said the 44-year-old mother after she went to the funeral home to discover that her daughter had not died and that the medical examiner had made a mistake, reported WHAS on March 21, 2014.

On Monday, when Lori Baker from Puyallup in Washington came home from her job as a store cashier, she was greeted by her husband with the words that everyone dreads. "I need you to sit down," he said as he told her that her 24-year-old daughter Samantha had been killed in a fatal accident.

Like any mother, Baker was in disbelief and wanted to see her 24-year-old daughter to see with her own eyes that she had lost her daughter, but the medical examiner informed her that she had to wait to see her dead daughter until she had been prepared for viewing in the funeral home because the body was a “bio-hazard.”

When the grieving mom informed her daughter’s friends on Facebook that the 24-year-old had been killed after being hit by a pickup truck while crossing a street in Spanaway, Wash., one of her daughter’s friends replied that she had just talked to her daughter Samantha.

"I cussed her out," said Baker. "What kind of a sick joke are you trying to pull on me? I didn't believe her. Cops don't just come to the door and do that."

On Wednesday, however, just as Baker and her sister were getting ready to go to the funeral home, a chaplain from the Pierce County Medical Examiner's office came to her door telling her “I really hate to do this, but there has been a mix-up and your daughter is alive.”

Of course, the mom wanted to see that her daughter had not died and that it was not a mistake again with her own eyes and went to the funeral home. "It was such a relief," she said, when the body was not her daughter's. "All morning I had been hyperventilating and thought I would end up having a heart attack," she said. "I didn't want to get my hopes up that it was not my kid, then walk through the door and there she is." Even though the medical examiner has taken responsibility for the mix-up saying that the body had been identified as 24-year-old Samantha based on a tattoo and no other identification, the sad part of the story remains that mother and daughter have been estranged since the girl was 16.

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