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Mom calls shirts indecent then buys them all: Takes advantage of refund policy

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A mom who called the shirts hanging in a store window indecent, then turned around and bought them all. Why would she have done such a thing? This Utah mom, who was out shopping with her 18-year-old son, was mortified to see the messages that these T-shirts were conveying, according to Fox News on Feb. 19.

Judy Cox spoke with the store manager and asked that the store remove the shirts from the window. She was told that was something that only the corporate office could decide, so the shirts stayed, but not for long.

Cox purchase every last one of the T-Shirts to the tune of $567. There were 19 of the shirts in stock and she wiped out the inventory. Since Cox finds the shirts indecent, she is certainly not going to wear them and she’s definitely not going to give them to her 18-year-old son to wear, so she’s out over $500 to make this point, or is she?

Cox plains to use the store’s 60-day return policy to her advantage. She will bring all the shirts back for a refund right before her 60 days are up. At least this way she got the shirts out of the window for a while of the PacSun store at the University Mall in Orem.

The shirts sport scantily dressed women posing in some racy and provocative positions. The shirts sell on the PacSun website for $28 each. Cox said that she felt:

"These shirts clearly cross a boundary that is continually being pushed on our children in images on the Internet, television and when our families shop in the mall."

In one way Cox is much like many others who protest these types of images being pushed on the youth of today and she had her say. Unlike many, Cox actually saw a way to make a difference, however small, and acted upon it.