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Mom bites pit bull: Severs dog's ear when she bites pit bull mauling toddler

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When a pit bull had her toddler's head in its mouth, this brave mother was ready to do anything to save her, even biting off the ear of the dog. This Texas mom didn’t think twice about ripping the pit bull’s ear off with her teeth as her daughter was seconds away from death in the jaws of this dog, according to The Inquisitr on April 24.

Chelsi Camp, a petite woman, didn’t have the physical strength to stop this attack. She did stick her fist in the dog’s mouth trying to get the dog to release her daughter. She punched the dog, but that didn’t do a thing. It was when she bit the dog’s ear off that he let go.

According to the New York Daily News, in a matter of seconds Camp had bit the dog’s ear while screaming for her daughter to “turn over” so she wouldn’t choke on her own blood, now flowing from this attack. Somehow while doing all of this, she managed to call 911 for help.

The first responders from the police and fire department are seen above with Kenzi Camp, who stayed in the hospital for more than a month recuperating from this attack. Kenzi is fine today, while she still has scars from this attack, her mom said you wouldn’t know she had been through such an ordeal by just looking at her.

Chelsi couldn’t hold her daughter for a week after the attack because of the injuries to her hands from the dog, but she too has mended and feeling great. This ordeal happened in a second’s time when Chelsi was dog-sitting for her neighbor’s dogs.

The pit pull came up to the toddler and appeared as if it was just curious. There were no signs of aggression, but then the dog changed.

When the dog smelled Kenzi her mom said she could see the dog “flip” and she thinks it was because he smelled their dog on her daughter. The attack was vicious, but luckily it was foiled to Chelsi’s quick thinking.

Police shot the dog when they arrived, but they wounded it. The dog was later euthanized.