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Mom bites off pit bull's ear to save daughter from a vicious attack

A mom saves her young daughter from a pit bull attack.
Photo by Bruce Bennett

Mom bites off a pit bull's dog ear to save her daughter in a brave move, and now that act is receiving attention. This brave mother did what she had to do to keep her daughter from being mauled to death by a dog she was looking after for a friend. On April 23, New York Daily News reported on the incident and the recovery by mother and daughter in Texas.

When did this brave move happen? A month ago, Chelsi Camp was dog sitting her friend's pit bull. The dog was friendly with no history of incidents in its past. The dog came up to her daughter, who is two-years old, and sniffed at her like most dogs do when they meet someone new. However, things quickly went wrong when the dog attacked. Camp feels like the dog might have sniffed their dog on her daughter.

When the pit attacked, she went into action. She bit the dog's ear, punched it in the mouth and called 911. The police showed, and the officer on scene shot the dog. It was later put down. A month later, Camp is back at work, and her daughter is still recovering. She has scars, but her stitches are set to be removed soon. Camp calls her young daughter a 'fighter' following the incident. She was not able to hold her daughter for a week after the attack because of her own injuries.

Camp has not let this soured her on dogs. She still loves all dogs. This story just shows that it is always best to keep an eye on any new dogs that might come in contact with your children. One moment can change everything. What do you think of this act of bravery by this Texas mother?

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