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Mom bites off pit bull ear to save daughter: 2-year-old’s life saved by mom

A mom bit off a pit bull’s ear to save her daughter’s life. Two-year-old Mackenzi Plass still has scars on her face from a vicious pit bull attack that nearly took her life if it would not have been for her mom who bit off the ear from the pit bull that attacked her daughter. According to an April 23 New York Daily News report, “the brutal beast has been put down” and both mother and daughter are recovering.

Mom bites off pit bull ear to save daughter: 2-year-old girl’s life saved by mom
Photo by Bruce Bennett

Mackenzi Plass, who is also called “Kenzi” for short, is going to be two and a half in May. For the next year, Kenzi has to stay out of the sunlight according to doctors’ orders. After her sutures will be removed this week, the physical healing can begin. The emotional drama of the little girl’s encounter with a vicious pit bull, however, might take a bit longer.

Last month, Kenzi’s mom was dog-sitting her friend’s pit bull at a Texas apartment when all of a sudden the usually friendly dog went into a frenzy. According to a KHOU Houston Texas report, at first, the pit bull appeared to be just curious when he approached little Kenzi. But when he smelled her, something triggered an extremely unusual behavior, and the pit bull began to attack Kenzi.

Not knowing what else to do in order to protect her child from the apparently vicious dog, Kenzi’s mom did what she would do if a person would attack her. At first she shoved her fist into the pit bull’s mouth to prevent him from biting down any further on her daughter. Not unlike any other animal, she then used her mouth and teeth to counterattack -- and she bit the dog’s ear off.

In between her fight against the pit bull, Kenzi’s mom yelled at her little girl to turn over so that she wouldn’t choke on the blood from her dog bites, and at some point during the mother-pit bull fight, she was able to call 911. Once an officer arrived at the scene, he shot the dog to prevent him from continuing to fight, but the officer didn’t kill the pit bull.

Kenzi’s mom is a dog lover, comes from a family of dog owners, and did not want authorities to put down the pit bull. However, when the pit bull viciously attacked her two-year-old daughter, she did not feel that she had any other choice than to fight.The pit bull was eventually euthanized by authorities.

Looking back at the frightening incident during which the mom used her teeth to bite off the pit bull’s ear to save her daughter, Kenzi’s mom says that the only explanation that she could find for the dog’s aggressive behavior towards her daughter might have been the smell of her own dog on Kenzi. "The dog came up and he was just curious," recalled Kenzi’s mom. "When he smelled her, that's when you saw it flip because I think he smelled my dog on her."

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