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Mom bites off pit bull ear, saves daughter: 'Chomping' mom's bite saved infant

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A mom bites off a pit bull ear to save her daughter. Move over Mike Tyson. This mother’s bite was worse than her bark – literally. The chomping mom is being hailed as a hero, doing what it took to save her 2-year-old’s life from a vicious pit bull attack.

According to NewsOxy on April 25, Texas mom Chelsi Camp jumped into the fracas and tangled with a fierce pit bull, clamping down on the attacking dog’s ear and punching it repeatedly in the face until it stopped mauling her daughter, Mackenzi Plass. The infant received multiple gashes and stitches to her face, and both mom and daughter have cuts to their body as well, but are otherwise recovering. The dog was destroyed.

On March 31, Camp says she and her daughter were at a neighbor’s house, dog-sitting the pit bull as they have done before. The usually friendly dog turned on her daughter however. Camp believes that after the pit bull sniffed her daughter, it went on attack because it picked up the scent of their family’s dog.

Camp, a 23-year-old mother, says she “acted on pure instinct” and jumped in between the dog and her baby, suffering scratches and bites in the process. While fighting off the dog, Camp also called 911. Mackenzi was bleeding from her face, and while “Camp was shoving her fist in the dog's mouth and biting off the dog's ear,” she told her daughter to “turn over so she wouldn't choke on her own blood,” according to news station KHOU out of Houston.

“You do whatever you can,” said Camp. “I don't have physical strength at my side. The dog came up and he was just curious. When he smelled her, that’s when you saw it flip because I think he smelled my dog on her.”

One month later now, Camp and Mackenzi are doing well. Camp was forced to miss weeks from work to recover, while Mackenzi has scars on her face but is anxious to shortly have her sutures removed. Camp says she harbors no ill will to dogs, even pit bulls after the vicious ordeal, and says she gains strength from her daughter.

“She’s a strong little girl and a fighter,” Camp said. “She’s meant to be here I can actually hold her again. I couldn't hold her for the first week; that was the hardest part.”