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Mom accuses Saints' Robert Meachem of sending nude pics to 17-year-old daughter

Robert Meachem may be in some big trouble.
Robert Meachem may be in some big trouble.
Photo by Ronald Martinez/Getty Images

The New Orleans Saints are right in the heat of training camp and looking forward to the 2014 season without any controversy or big injuries. Now, there are allegations that could bring up some trouble unless they are squashed quickly. Baller Alert reported on July 29, 2014, that Saints' wide receiver Robert Meachem has been accused of sending nude pics of himself to a 17-year-old girl.

According to the report, a woman went into her daughter's iCloud account from her iPhone and found a lot of pictures of Meachem. Some of them are said to be nude pictures of Meachem.

The report states that Meachem and the 17-year-old girl, still unnamed, met about a month and a half ago. It is said that they met at a football camp that took place in New Orleans and that involved Meachem and some other Saints' players.

Baller Alert reports that this was an email sent into their site and the accusations are just that at this time. There is no confirmation or other information to state that these allegations against Robert Meachem have any validity to them whatsoever.

There is no telling which camp is in question, but there were a couple that it could be by looking at the time frame:

The latter took place in Cleveland, but the report never states where the 17-year-old girl is from or where Meachem may have met her.

Robert Meachem is 29-years-old and recently divorced from his wide Shea. He has four children, two boys and two girls.

At this time, there is no confirmation that this report is accurate or even if it was actually Robert Meachem that sent the pics to the young girl. For now, the story has kept a low-profile, but if the mother of the girls proceeds to file charges, then things could get ugly.

These can only be seen as accusations, but if more pictures get out of Meachem or whomever sent them, it could make the case stronger.

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