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All right, I admit I’m a died in the wool dividend investor. Once in a while though I like to look at companies whose stock is in the $5 range and who I think are poised for a major climb. The latest one I found is Molycorp. (MCP). Presently trading at $4.70. They do not pay a dividend.

They are a rare earth mining company and have reopened a major mine at Mountain Pass California. A little history here: several years ago this mine was the rare earth metals supplier for most of the world. Then environmental concerns and the opening of several mines in China led to the closing of this mine. China became the world’s rare earth supplier. China has a history of manipulating exports for political and other reasons and they have been getting pressure to clean up the toxic stuff produced in processing rare earth metals. In short, they aren’t a reliable source. Now fast forward to the Mountain Pass Mine. Molycorp has invested heavily in addressing these environmental concerns and in new technology in mining and processing the ore. I feel they are about to regain their position as the number one rare earth supplier in the world. Why is this important? Every electronic gadget in the world uses a rare earth metal in it. There are other applications in the medical field and catalytic converters and coloring glass as well.

Molycorp reports that everything they will produce for the next several years has already been spoken for. Since they are ramping up production also, this certainly looks like a good investment to me.

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