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Moloko; A democratic republic of coffee, crepe and creativity

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Moloko photo by Rosee Camafrieta

Moloko, or "milk" should you speak A Clockwork Orange, is the blend of two traveling gypsies’ vision to open a shop where locals and travelers can have a superb cup of coffee, delicious, organic and affordable food, fine wines and art. A self-labeled democracy of art and peace, the culture surrounding this free-loving space is one of community, great cuisine and art attainable to all.

Pat Fleming and Belaxis Buil are the central hub of a family who owns and runs Moloko. While spread around the globe as far as Hawaii and Brazil, they are universally, metaphysically and spiritually linked in their mission to bring worldly experience and flavors to Miami. Among the flavors is Hawaiian, as Pat spent years cooking on the island and has infused his culinary experience into Moloko’s signature dish, the “Moloko Rice Bowl”. This composition of rice, vegetables and your choice of organic meat or tofu is a yummy dish common to Hawaiin natives turned Miami local special. For the explorer, this is a chance to taste some authentic world-renowned chow, while relaxing in one of the city’s booming new areas, Wynwood.

The idea of making seriously good grub, out of organic or locally farmed ingredients, for an affordable price is central to its democratic stance. Moloko also imports coffee beans from Pat’s mother’s farm in Brazil, in addition to supporting local brewer, Panther Coffee. He grinds the beans to his patron’s preferred delight, making a customized cup o’ Joe for a wallet-happy price. And while every explorer will need some fuel on his adventure, no travel is complete without experiencing local artistic soul.

Moloko is committed to making art attainable to everyone. Belaxis, a local artist herself, poured her creative prowess into Moloko’s design and décor, in addition to making the space an open platform for local, national and international artists. From the walls, to the bookcase, live readings and musical performances, Moloko is a delicate balance of organic, imaginative harmony and free flowing artistic domain.

All in all, this 360 experience of exotic and local food, specialty beverages and art is a must stop for the Miami explorer. You can’t beat live entertainment and organically prepared cuisine for a modest price in of one of Miami’s premier areas.

For more information on how to get your cheers on at this local gem, please visit

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