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Molly Rocklind

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I don’t know what’s happening, but lately there has been an influx of Southern influence in my life, so it really was no surprise when Molly Rocklind showed up as my next profile and performance review piece.

Most people will tell you they like every kind of music “except country.” That ‘s because they have figured out the first basic rule of the new pop psychology, they know that “hipsters” gauge the coolness of others by their taste in music, and “hipsters” hate country. Probably because it’s simple, it speaks to the people and you don’t have to sit in Starbucks on your Ipad deciphering what is basically gibberish masquerading as deep poetry.

Molly Rocklind is an accomplished singer, who happens to sing country. Which means most people “can’t be bothered” with her, except that she is one of the few people that are up and coming that are worth paying attention to. Unlike most of the current Country Superstars, Molly writes her own music and lyrics; which makes them real, familiar, and personal.

Molly is a 3-time Mavric Music Award Nominee and recipient of the "Inspirational Song of the Year" award for her song, "Liviing A Life of Music in Tennessee." She's also nominated for "Overall Song of the Year" and "Female Vocalist of the Year." See the great thing about country music are the lyrics, country’s lyrics are highly specific and yet secretly universal. A huge part of what makes someone like Molly a gem in the music world is that she can connect so deeply with so many people because the lyrics are easy to understand, literally. Her words can be easily heard and instantly contextualized even if you just hear it in passing once. For instance Molly writes in Living a Life of Music in Tennessee: I have a dream that’s everything to me/ that I’ve been prayin for since I was eight years old/ I never thought I’d do anything else/ than living a life of music in Tennessee. She even writes a song about the all consuming and addicting Facebook, sure it’s cheesy and cutesy but whatever it makes you smile after all it’s fricken Country!