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Molly Cool's is a seafood lover's dream

A Dozen on the Half Shell
A Dozen on the Half Shell
C. Logarakis


  • ChuckL50 5 years ago

    I highly recommend the Blue Cheese and Crab stuffed steak. And the oysters.... lots and lots of oysters! Good selection of beers on tap and terrific service too!

  • Cherie Burbach 5 years ago

    I'd never heard of this place, but their menu sounds delish! Thanks for the article.

  • susanews 5 years ago

    Sounds wonderful! Thanks, Christin!

  • MARY 5 years ago

    This sounds like a place for me! I love seafood! The brunch article sounded goood, too.
    Aren't you the Ethnic Restaurants Reviewer? You're title is different. Did you change?

  • MKErestaurants 5 years ago

    Mary -

    Yes. I was the Ethnic Restaurants Examiner, and recently I've become the Restaurants Examiner. This gives me a much wider array of places to review, and I'm very excited about it.

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