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Mojo Dragonfly to disband at the end of June after 6 years together

Mojo Dragonfly
Mojo Dragonfly
Theresa Izzo

TAMPA - Bay area cover band, Mojo Dragonfly, have announced that they will be disbanding after their June show dates.

Mojo Dragonfly to disband at the end of June after 6 years together
Theresa Izzo

Initially formed in 2008, Mojo Dragonfly currently consists of Fred Chandler (guitars, violin, mandolin, keys, vocals), Michelle Basch (flute, keyboards, Harmonica, minor percussion, vocals), Jeff Dilly (bass, acoustic guitar, keys, vocals), Damon Navari (drums, percussion, bass guitar, vocals) and Carolynn Street (vocals, keys, acoustic guitar, minor percussion).

The announcement of Mojo Dragonfly's up-coming breakup came via their official facebook page where the band posted the following announcement on May 18th:

“We know a lot of rumors have been going around. Time to hear it from us. Yes Mojo Dragonfly is disbanding. We all have had a good run. 6 very happy years. Thanks to the support of our fans, friends and Shark Alley Entertainment. It's time for us to take some new direction. We are grateful for our time together..... And for you all. Loved every minute of it.”

“We are also excited about our new projects. We hope you all support us in these new ventures as well. Michelle Basch, Carolynn Street, and Jeff Dilly have formed an acoustic trio called HatTrick. The very talented Damon Navari is working in the studio on his original material. He will still be performing with the band Nunes At Night and with the Rich Sheldon Band from California. Fred Chandler has formed a new band called 4x. Carolynn and Michelle have a girls duo called Rabbit Rabbit. And Jeff and Carolynn have a duo called Red Headed Stepchild. You can check schedules etc... On Facebook.”

“Thank you all for your love and support...... We love you right back!”

Throughout their 6-year tenure together, Mojo Dragonfly managed to attain quite a huge fan base. Their large fan base undoubtedly was due to how diverse each member of the band was, as musicians and with the instruments that they each played. This diversity made Mojo Dragonfly a very unique, and “original” cover band in a region that has countless cover bands.

In 2011, Mojo Dragonfly was 1 of 22 bands that competed in a battle of the bands at the Shops at Wiregrass. Performing for a panel of celebrity judges, Mojo Dragonfly (judged on musicality, instrumentation, stage presence, star-power, and audience reaction) were the only band to earn a perfect score, and win the “Judges Choice Award.”

Fans of Mojo Dragonfly will still have a few more opportunities to see the band perform live as they finish the last of their final show dates. The following are the final show dates for the band:

  • June 6th - The Village Pub, New Port Richey (7:00pm - 11:00pm)
  • June 7th - Overtime Sports Bar, Hudson (9:30pm - 1:30am)
  • June 13th - The Sandbar, New Port Richey (9:30pm - 1:30am)
  • June 20th - The Karl Reef, New Port Richey (9:30pm - 1:30am)
  • June 27th - Ukulele Brands, Land-O-Lakes (8:00pm - 12:00am)
  • June 28th - Paradise Lakes Resort (1:00pm - 4:00pm)

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