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Mojito Cigar Lounge closes, to relaunch as Smoke and Joe

Mojito Cigar Lounge in Cave Creek has officially closed.
Mojito Cigar Lounge in Cave Creek has officially closed.
Patrick Lagreid

Mojito Cigar Lounge in Cave Creek has officially closed and announced plans to reemerge in the coming weeks with a new theme of premium coffee and cigars called Smoke and Joe in a new location.

The news was confirmed by both Bill Niederer and Ron Alred of Mojito Cigar Lounge over the weekend, and on Saturday afternoon the Mojito Cigar Lounge Facebook page was updated with news of the closure. "Mojito Cigar Lounge has relocated and changed it services and name. We are now Smoke and Joe, a premier full service coffee bar, large walk-in hunidor and cigar lounge. We started construction late this week and hope to have our Grand Opening soon, join our Facebook page for Smoke and Joe."

The new Facebook page for Smoke and Joe has already been launched and currently shows some photos of the space under construction. The new store's focus will be on premium coffee offerings, with several selections coming from local roasters, in addition to its focus on premium cigars.

Mojito Cigar Lounge's location appears to have proved to be a challenge for making a cigar shop feasible. After opening in October 2008, Niederer sold the business to Bart Gerber of Churchill's Fine Cigars in the spring of 2012 and Gerber rebranded it on May 14. Churchill's only lasted about eight months before Niederer reacquired the space in early 2013 and the Mojito Cigar Lounge name returned in February. Amidst those transactions, the space underwent a drastic layout change, with a wall being constructed that effectively cut the floor space in half, though the lounge in the back of the store was preserved.

Smoke and Joe will be located on the southwest corner of Tatum Blvd and Cave Creek Road, about 4.5 miles south of where Mojito Cigar Lounge was located. The address is 29850 N Tatum Blvd, Suite 115 in Phoenix.