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Mojang tinkering with seasons for 'Minecraft'

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Mojang's Minecraft features things like a day/night cycle, randomly generated terrain, in-game programming with red stone and special blocks plus the ability to create nearly anything in Creative mode. One thing it lacks though is seasons which developer Nathan "Dinnerbone" Adams revealed Monday he was working on for the open-world sandbox PC title.

"Here's one thing I've been tinkering with but not added yet: Minecraft day cycles (potentially seasons). 500 days in a year, shorter nights?" Adams informed fans via Twitter. "Shorter nights meaning also shorter days, depending on time of year. Timey wimey stuff."

Currently, the Minecraft day/night cycle is ten minutes for daylight and seven minutes for night while the periods of sunset and sunrise get a minute and a half each.

Adams' tweet sparked an explosion in suggestions from the Minecraft community including ideas such as different weather patterns for different biomes depending on the current season and different mob spawn rates depending on the season. The Mojang developer is inviting all fans of the game to post their suggestions in this Reddit thread but it is currently unclear what, if anything, related to seasons will be added to the game.

It seems unlikely that such a huge change would make it into the upcoming 1.6 update if Mojang is merely at the "tinkering" stages but stranger things have happened.

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