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Mojang talks 'Minecraft' sales prior to PS4, Vita and Xbox One launches

'Minecraft Xbox One Edition'
'Minecraft Xbox One Edition'
Photo courtesy of 4J Studios, used with permission

Patrick Geuder Saga has revealed some updated sales data on "Minecraft" prior to the release of PS4, Vita and Xbox One versions. According to a report from Gamepot on June 25, the data and business analyst from Mojang disclosed that the franchise is closing in on selling 54 million copies across all platforms. The original version of the open-world sandbox game was first released on the PC in 2011.

Although "Minecraft PS3 Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" came out much later, the console releases of the software products have combined to outsell the PC and Mac versions. The Xbox 360 port took up a majority of the sale with 12 million units sold at last reported. The digital release was made available in 2012 while the disc copy came out last year. "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" has constantly made its way on the top of digital and physical sales charts.

Although "Minecraft PS3 Edition" was released late last year, it was still able to sell 1.5 million copies through the Playstation Store alone. A physical disc release was also made available in May and has made its way to many best-selling lists. Back in April, Mojang confirmed that "Minecraft" sold 15 million copies on the computer platforms. As a result, it appears that the PS3 and Xbox 360 versions combined to sell at least another 1.5 million units over the past few months.

The company is looking to expand the sales of the franchise even more with "Minecraft PS4 Edition," "Minecraft Vita Edition" and "Minecraft Xbox One Edition." All three titles should be released in the month of Aug. although a more specific launch date was not yet disclosed. The video games were playable at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo, which was held earlier this month, in Los Angeles. An image showing the demo station from Microsoft's booth can be seen near the top of this article (courtesy of the official 4J Studios Twitter page).

Mojang is also providing a bonus for loyal fans of the series. Owners of "Minecraft PS3 Edition" can upgrade to "Minecraft PS4 Edition" for $4.99. The same promotional offer is also being made available for upgrading from "Minecraft Xbox 360 Edition" to "Minecraft Xbox One Edition." Finally, the Vita version is part of a cross-buy promotion with the PS3 game, meaning that it will be free to download for existing owners of the title on Sony's current-generation console.