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Mojang discusses the possibility of ‘Minecraft’ on the Nintendo 3DS

Photo courtesy of Mojang, used with permission

Minecraft first launched on consoles after it released on Xbox 360 two years ago. The franchise also finally landed on the Playstation 3 in late 2014. Fans are now beginning to wonder whether 4J Studios will ever bring the block-building title to Nintendo platforms after word broke that the developer is working to bring additional ports of the game to the Xbox One, PS4, and PS Vita later this summer. Teasing the possibility that Minecraft might eventually come to the 3DS, Mojang revealed via Reddit on July 5 what players could expect if the game released on Nintendo’s handheld.

While an upcoming update for Minecraft: Pocket Edition was being discussed on Reddit, fans began discussing whether the same features coming to the mobile version of the sandbox creation title would be possible on the 3DS. Offering clarity on the subject, Mojang decided to reveal to fans that a Nintendo 3DS edition of Minecraft would likely run on the same code as the Pocket Edition rather than the existing Xbox 360 and PS3 engine which will also be used for the upcoming PS Vita version.

However, Mojang also admitted that the Nintendo handheld likely couldn’t even be capable of handling all the features of the mobile Pocket Edition and would probably have to run on an older version of the client. Furthermore, even then the game would still have to make a lot of graphical compromises in order to work on the 3DS.

Unlike the console versions of Minecraft, the game’s Pocket Edition is soon getting infinite worlds just like the original PC title. Mojang also quickly shot down the idea that a 3DS version of the voxel-based game would ever be able to handle infinite worlds. Should the game ever release on Nintendo’s handheld, it would have map size limitation just like the current Xbox 360 and PS3 versions of the game.