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Moisture Please! Phytomer HYDRACONTINUE 12H Flash Gel

Phytomer HYDRACONTINUE 12H Flash Gel
Phytomer HYDRACONTINUE 12H Flash Gel

Do you ever freshen up and reapply a bit of makeup when going out mid-day or evening?

Your skin feels dry and needs a moisture boost, but you don’t want to apply moisturizer and start your beauty regime over. Phytomer HYDRACONTINUE 12H Flash Gel ($69) helps to solve this problem. This product has multiple uses and is a makeup artist’s dream! It can be used alone as a moisturizer, under a cream as a serum, blended with moisturizer or blended with foundation.

If you are anything like me -- your skin is extremely dry! Due to many things -- the weather, environmental stressers, or even just the lack of drinking enough water!

Over the last few weeks the flash gel has helped me get back on the moisture train! It’s not a serum or a cream, but a gel composed of Weaving Algae to restructure the skin’s ability to retain moisture and Hydra-8 Complex, made up of 8 moisturizing extracts.

I really enjoyed using it under my primer before I put my makeup on each morning! I always think of a primer as that last layer that seals in all of my lotions and serums -- well it did the same for this! The moisturizing goodness was sealed in each day, and even after the makeup came off my skin still felt fresh and dewy!

I also tried it as a light night cream which was great and I even mixed it in with my liquid concealer for a quick all over cover and hydrating combo!

Definitely a great go-to for a busy and moisture-deficient gal like me! For more information visit

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