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Moises Arias shirtless Instagram photo with Willow Smith, 13, causes buzz

Moises Arias shirtless Instagram photo with Willow Smith causes buzz for 13- and 20-year-old
Moises Arias shirtless Instagram photo with Willow Smith causes buzz for 13- and 20-year-old

The official Instagram account of Moises Arias – known with the handle @490TX and currently enjoying a swell of 521,000-plus followers on May 7, has been scrubbed clean of the controversial photo of a shirtless Arias reclining against a wall while Willow Smith lies near him on the bed. Whether innocent or intimate, the pic is creating a big buzz online for the youngest member of the Smith family, who has been the target of previous accusations that accuse Willow's style of self-expressionistic music of being too mature for her young years.

The black and white Instagram photo has caused controversy mainly because of the age of the daughter of Will and Jada Pinkett-Smith, which is pegged at exactly 13 years of age, seven years younger than the 20-year-old actor. Arias is famous for his acting role as Rico on the Disney Channel's defunct Hannah Montana show, and his shirtless pose leaning against a wall as Willow lies on her side next to him, with her head resting on her arm, has caused some to cry foul and wonder about the appropriate nature of the relationship for the young teenager.

Photos of Jaden Smith, however, can still be seen on both Arias' Instagram feed and Jaden's own feed, along with innocuous photos of Chick-fil-A meals and other celebrities. The brother of Willow has an interesting handle, titled @iputthesocietyonmyback on the social sharing website, and the amount of followers one would expect for a member of the Smith brood. If only Instagram had the "official" green checkmark that Twitter employs to delineate celebrities' official accounts, it would make this whole social sharing world of crazy handles much easier for us journalists.

The above linked-to Daily Mail article, titled “Willow Smith, 13, raises eyebrows as she is pictured lying in bed with 20-year-old actor Moises Arias,” is now the most popular URL on the list of heavily trafficked website addresses from, an Amazon property that tracks the high hit-receiving domains and is updated every 5 minutes.

Finding Willow’s official Instagram account is somewhat of a feat, seeing as though the so-dubbed “Official Willow Smith Facebook page” at, which says it’s managed by Roc Nation and Overbrook Entertainment – and enjoys more than 7 million likes – leads folks to Instagram accounts with handles such as “@Somnambulater” and “@rookooks,” neither of which seem to command the amount of followers one would assume a star of her caliber would entertain.