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Mohu the red panda moving out on her own; will call Blank Park Zoo in Iowa home

Stella Luna and Mohu
Patty Andriese

Some parents wait for the day their offspring move out on their own, while others dread the coming of empty nest syndrome. While no one knows exactly what Red Panda parents Sumo and Stella Luna are thinking, Sequoia Park Zoo officials recently announced that their daughter Mohu will soon be leaving her home in Eureka. She will be calling Blank Park Zoo in Des Moines, Iowa home in April.

Although Mohu, who was born on Father's Day, 2013, isn't quite a year old, zoo experts say this is the normal time that Red Panda offspring leave the family unit and venture out on their own when living in the wild. “While we'll be sad to see her go - it's been fascinating to watch the family interactions evolve as she's grown,” says Zoo Manager Gretchen Ziegler, “It's important that she leave her parents like she would in the wild at about this age.”

Mohu, whose name means fog, has captured the attention of zoo-goers since her birth. At her new residence in the Midwest, Mohu will be a companion for an older female there while the Association of Zoos and Aquariums’ (AZA) species Survival Plan Coordinators evaluate plans for her future breeding possibilities.

Humboldt County residents and fans of the Sequoia Park Zoo Red Pandas, may not have to wait too long before Sumo and Stella Luna are parents again, however. Stella Luna has been spotted gathering nesting material - possibly in preparation for another litter.

Sequoia Park Zoo is located at 3414 W Street, Eureka California. Winter Hours areTuesday – Sunday, 10am – 5pm.

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