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Mohawk DWI scene in Austin happens as MADD releases 'Power of You(th)' Video

Just days after Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) released their contest winner's 2014 Power of You(th) Video, thousands of people at the Mohawk South by Southwest venue in the city of Austin, Texas experienced why the DWI video is so important. The Dayton Daily News reported on March 13, 2014, that a male drunk driver plowed a gray Prius into the crowd at the downtown annual music and arts festival, killing two and wounding 23.

Jay Janner, a photographer with the American Statesman, captures the crime scene where 2 are dead and 23 hurt due to a DWI driver.
Jay Janner with the American Statesman

Ironwood, AZ senior Keegan Carson spent 15 seconds in his winning video telling other youth all the things they can do if they choose not to drink, according to the Glendale Star. The man behind the Prius in Austin spent the same amount of time and more impressing upon the crowd what terrible things can happen if you do.

The Power of You(th) Video was created by Carson to try and reach teens who might drink at parties due to peer pressure or while out with their friends having fun. But those who were injured in the crowd in Texas, or who had a loved one or friend that was hurt or killed, don't need a video to tell them that drinking and driving kills and maims and harms. But after the carnage created by one lone drunken driver, they are likely to become MADD members themselves now, and to create their own Power of You video. And maybe it will be in time for St. Patrick's Day, as that holiday tends to bring out the drinkers.

Austin Police will hold a press conference at 11:30 a.m. ET to share additional details about the deadly drunk driving scene outside the Mohawk. And at that time it is hoped they will name the suspect in custody and tell the names and ages of the victims he impacted when he sought to elude a DWI task force officer, running completely through a barricade at the event at 12:30 a.m., and hitting several pedestrians as well as vehicles carrying passengers.

In the meantime, Atlanta, Ga. residents who want to Walk Like MADD to show their support for the victims can register for an upcoming September event now. The annual Piedmont Park event is a non-competitive family-oriented walk, with activities for all the family, and even a 5K run was added for participants this year. It is slated to be held in September, but organizers are trying to get as many registered in advance as possible.

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